Pole Tutorial! Corkscrew into Inversion!

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=428ED45NJKg[/youtube]So here is another clip, and a turn that I have grown to like more and more.  It used to be difficult for me, but now it feels pretty good.


it is what it is

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRDta_f7yYc[/youtube]I really like taping myself when I practice, and not because I love looking at myself, but it really helps me see what I like that I am doing, and also what I want to change or make better.  Sometimes our brain tricks us into thinking we are doing something, then we watch it, and it is not what we thought it was.


Tutorial! Turn!

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMWiX7YvmBM[/youtube]This is a fun easy turn that looks harder than it is.  I love this turn.  When I show people this turn, they are always amazed because they can't figure out what the body is doing.  So I hope you have fun with this one, and show me your version of this turn.



Spinning Pole

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=md3aJiVW6QE[/youtube]Tonight was the first time I really spent time on practicing on the spinning pole.  For some reason I have not been motivated to trying it that much, but decided to go for it.  I definitely feel a little queasy, but I really enjoyed it.  I felt very pretty on spin mode and liked that all angles of a move can be seen while in that pose.  And it feels like it can be more powerful when dancing and spinning that fast. 

So I think I will start practicing more of the spinning, but am still a huge fan of static.



[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JI4Qvm7C4Do[/youtube]To most people you may not care about this or feel the need to be able to do it.  But I am so proud that I can do this!  and it is still hard as hell, and I still can't do it everytime, but the  fact that I can most of the time makes me feel so good.  And  that is doing a pullup from a dead weight hang.  I am no light as a feather person.  I am pulling up 160 pounds, and damn it is hard. But I am so so happy and feel powerful that I am getting strong to do it! 




So I am super late on getting this video up, but here it is finally.  This is another hip hop move that if you do it in the club, I gaurantee you will get everyone looking at you.  It is a cool looking move.  The weight changes are a little weird at first and it is hard to do the move slow.  But once you have it, it is easy. 

I would still love to see some videos of anyone who is brave enough, to post on Denver Dance facebook page of you doing the heel toe.  There has got to be one person in the world willing to do it!  Well there has been one so far.  Alice was super brave and posted a video of the crip walk on her page, and she did a mighty fine job!  Thanks Alice!!!

Enjoy and hope you guys learn something.  And don't forget to send requests of something you want to see and learn.

My first drop in my aerial lesson at Miraas!

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDhEa06gLJo[/youtube]I have been taking private aerial lessons at Miraas dance with Heather Booth.  She is an amazing teacher and has taught my friend Diane and me soo much.  Diane has the stomach flu right now and could not join me in my lesson today, but when she sees what I did today, she will be so excited to try it!  I missed her tons today but had a blast in my lesson today, and my arms are complete jello right now.

When I was up in the position to fall forward into the drop, I was so scared!  I was just sitting up there laughing because I didn't think I could do it!  Heather finally said on the count of three,  just let go.  And I finally did!  It felt so amazing!

Yay!  Can't wait to learn more!!  Thanks Heather!

Platinum stages is Looking for their next "Platinum Star"

Platinum stages sells dance poles, and they are looking for someone to represent them.  You have to submit a video and write some things about yourself.  Well I am going to try.  I have never been the person that wins things, ever.  And I feel the same about this, that I will try but nothing will come of it.  But  still I get a little excited about having a video put together and going for it.  So we shall see.


I hate injuries so so so much and it is depressing.  I rarely have gotten an injury from tap dancing or hip hop dancing.  Add pole dance to the mix and I have welcomed a few to my body.  Luckily they have all healed on their own and rather quickly.  None of the injuries are from a fantastic fall to the ground or anything dramatic like that.  More just I moved my body in just a little bit of a funny way where I felt a little tweek.  Then as the day goes on I am in pain.  Right now it is my left knee.  I went into a handstand today and felt my knee just twist the tiniest bit in the wrong way.  Now I am in bed icing and trying to ignore the pain.  Walking is not fun either and I am always a little down when I can't practice.  I am not saying I was going to practice today, but the fact that I can't is enough to get me annoyed.  There was one injury I had a year ago where I swore my ribs were broken and I could barely move.  But that healed just fine on its own.  So now I will just wait and ice and wait for this one to heal.

And I will post a new tutorial tomorrow:)


Late night practice


So I am not always lucky enought to have the amazing guy in my life who is a professional videographer and photographer always with me every second, and definitely was not around tonight to tape my midnight practice.....so yes, there are many limbs cut off due to my amazing camera angle.  I guess that is a big "no no" when taping.  but oh well, I didn't want to spend the evening setting up everyting perfect and really, when I do this, I am taping for myself.  I see things differently when I watch myself.  I see what I like and what I want to improve.  But I also like to share it with the world as well.  So, even though I am a professional dancer and teacher, I am still just like everyone else with a little digital camera, that will just set it up and record a NOT flawless dance. 

So hope you enjoy watching me get better and better, and also start seeing my students doing the same:)