1st mini dance tutorial - Top Rock


Since  teaching dance has been a part of my life for so long, I am always willing to try new things.  So, I am putting up short dance tutorials.  I know that I have gone on youtube and the web and looked up dance moves when there has been something I wanted to learn, and I thought I might as well put up some videos to add to all the knowledge that is on the web.   Every week I will have a new dance move up and I will vary between hip hop, tap and pole.  Again, they are short moves that are fun and easy to learn, and I would love it if anyone has requests for a dance move they would like to have in a tutorial.

There is so much excitement in having my own teaching business, as I have been teaching for dance studios for the past 12 years.  I really enjoyed teaching at all the studios, but there is something great about running your own show.  I have never been this excited or happy teaching as I have since starting Denver Dance.  I want to run things different than all the traditional studios.  I am different because I am teaching in a private setting, on the students schedule, and when it is time to have the "traditional dance recital", I want to put on a show!  No high school auditoriums with recitals lasting 4 hours.  I want a unique enviroment with a show, where students are performing in a professional setting.

Well, anyway, back to the tutorial....I guess the whole point of this post.  So here it is.  "Watch it, learn it....make it yours". What I mean by that is, I would love it if you watch the video, learn the step, and then put your own style to it.  I want to see it!  So make a video of yourself doing the dance move, putting your own style to it, and then posting it to the Denver Dance facebook page.

Thanks for your support and I can't wait to see your videos.