I want to be good at everything the first try!

Does anyone else out there try something new for the first time, and get a frustrated when you don't succeed right away at it?  That is me, and always have been that way.  My mom said when my brother and I were  little she took us bowling and she said never again.  Apparently we both were not very good at it and cried.  Well even as I take aerial lessons, which is new for me, I want to be good at things right away. 

So  today I asked my boyfriend to go play tennis since there are courts right by my house.  I have not played since  I was little, and I don't remember being good at it.  But he agreed and I told myself I wouldn't  get frustrated, and just have fun.  Well...it started out fun, but everytime I hit the ball, it didn't go where I was expecting it to go, and I spent more time chasing and rounding up the tennis balls.  And needless to say, I was pissed.  Why is it I have to be good at everything right away??  Maybe it is human and other people feel this way too.  I know it is not logical.

I guess it is also the same when learning a new dance move.  I want to get it right away.  I guess there is some joy though out of working hard on something and then accomplishing it.

Oh well.