I want to be good at everything the first try!

Does anyone else out there try something new for the first time, and get a frustrated when you don't succeed right away at it?  That is me, and always have been that way.  My mom said when my brother and I were  little she took us bowling and she said never again.  Apparently we both were not very good at it and cried.  Well even as I take aerial lessons, which is new for me, I want to be good at things right away. 

So  today I asked my boyfriend to go play tennis since there are courts right by my house.  I have not played since  I was little, and I don't remember being good at it.  But he agreed and I told myself I wouldn't  get frustrated, and just have fun.  Well...it started out fun, but everytime I hit the ball, it didn't go where I was expecting it to go, and I spent more time chasing and rounding up the tennis balls.  And needless to say, I was pissed.  Why is it I have to be good at everything right away??  Maybe it is human and other people feel this way too.  I know it is not logical.

I guess it is also the same when learning a new dance move.  I want to get it right away.  I guess there is some joy though out of working hard on something and then accomplishing it.

Oh well.

working on aerial

Since I have been pole dancing, I have become interested in aerial dance as well.  Honestly, I have always been intrigued with the fabric in aerial since I was a kid.  But I never thought in a million years I could be somebody who could have any strength or flexibilty to do it.  I also had the same doubts about pole dancing, but I proved myself wrong and I can do it. 

In my home studio I have the mirors and the space, plus my pole.  Now I want to add fabric. I love it, and I have been taking the lessons with my good friend Diane, who is also an amazing pole dancer.  We have been having a blast with it and we decided to perform in the studios recital in October.  And since we both love hip hop, we have decided to make the whole routine to hip hop and adding hip hop choreography.  So we only have a few months to get it together and it is new for us, but I know we will do it.  And then my goal is to start teaching aerial in my home studio as well.  I can't wait!!!!