I hate injuries so so so much and it is depressing.  I rarely have gotten an injury from tap dancing or hip hop dancing.  Add pole dance to the mix and I have welcomed a few to my body.  Luckily they have all healed on their own and rather quickly.  None of the injuries are from a fantastic fall to the ground or anything dramatic like that.  More just I moved my body in just a little bit of a funny way where I felt a little tweek.  Then as the day goes on I am in pain.  Right now it is my left knee.  I went into a handstand today and felt my knee just twist the tiniest bit in the wrong way.  Now I am in bed icing and trying to ignore the pain.  Walking is not fun either and I am always a little down when I can't practice.  I am not saying I was going to practice today, but the fact that I can't is enough to get me annoyed.  There was one injury I had a year ago where I swore my ribs were broken and I could barely move.  But that healed just fine on its own.  So now I will just wait and ice and wait for this one to heal.

And I will post a new tutorial tomorrow:)