Late night practice


So I am not always lucky enought to have the amazing guy in my life who is a professional videographer and photographer always with me every second, and definitely was not around tonight to tape my midnight yes, there are many limbs cut off due to my amazing camera angle.  I guess that is a big "no no" when taping.  but oh well, I didn't want to spend the evening setting up everyting perfect and really, when I do this, I am taping for myself.  I see things differently when I watch myself.  I see what I like and what I want to improve.  But I also like to share it with the world as well.  So, even though I am a professional dancer and teacher, I am still just like everyone else with a little digital camera, that will just set it up and record a NOT flawless dance. 

So hope you enjoy watching me get better and better, and also start seeing my students doing the same:)